Here are our new and powerful production facilities:



We are introducing new and powerful facilities to promote the automated factory.

Background for the reliability and actual results we have achieved in precise molds and dies for plastics processing is that we have taken the lead in expanding our production equipments, as well as in enhancing our technologies. We have not only introduced equipment, we have also been considering what we have to do in order to create merits for our customers, since the founding of the Company. For factory automation, therefore, we will grasp, accurately and in detail, our users' needs, and investigate how to achieve brilliant success, while fully utilizing effective equipment.




Principal Machineries

  • Horizontal machining center ---4 sets
  • Vertical machining center ---7 sets
  • NC-EDM/WC ---4 sets
  • Surface grinder ---4 sets
  • Polishing machine ---4 sets
  • 200 t die spotting press ---2 sets
  • Three-dimensional measuring instrument ---1 set
  • 800/350 t injection molding machine ---1 set